A company driven

by a true passion

We are a farm dedicated primarily to the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants and their processing into essential oils.

Like the fruit of every great love, Sanaphar was founded on the great passion, respect and curiosity we have always had for plants, the earth and the nature that surrounds us. “Returning to the land” is a concept that is very close to our hearts because we know that it is from here that everything is born and therefore from here that we must start again. Indulging in what nature has given us by making us a primary participant in her work makes us feel lucky and encourages us every day to explore and develop a highly valuable and ambitious life project.

Growing up in a family of distillers – from whom we inherit not only the knowledge, but above all the passion for an ancient, demanding but very satisfying profession – has facilitated much of our journey and our more than ten years of experience in the extraction of oils and the processing of aromatic plants.

Ginestra in Fiore


The name Sanaphar is a tribute to the history of our region.
The farm stands at the foot of the ancient city-state of Cornus, founded in the sixth century BC, described by the Roman historian Livy as the capital of the Nuragic people.
According to linguist Massimo Pittau, ‘Sanaphar’ is the original Sardinian-Nuragic toponym, meaning ‘prominence’ in reference to the conformation of the small plateau where the town was located.
It was on this very soil that the Sardinian Carthaginians led by Hampsicora revolted against the Romans in 215 BC. In 1998, in memory of these battles, a monument was erected in the square in front of the land.