In the heart of the wild coast of Sardinia

Sanaphar anaphar is located a few metres from the seaside village of Torre del Pozzo, 300 metres from the splendid beach of Is Arenas. We are located on the west coast of Sardinia, the wild coast, where nature still dominates and constrains humans and their activities and where the mistral, the strong northwesterly wind, blows impetuously and creates a perfect environment for lovers of local water sports such as surfing and windsurfing.

Sanaphar - paesaggio

Sanaphar covers an area of 15 hectares, a single portion of land, from which you can enjoy a highly atmospheric panoramic landscape. The special feature of the land is, without doubt, the stunning view that extends from east to west:

– 1000 hectares of pine forest and Mediterranean scrub, large green lungs with a prestigious golf course and the most popular campsites in the province;
– 10 km of beach that flows into the myriad shades of blue of the crystal-clear waters;
– 1 “whale”, as the promontory of white limestone rock is called, where the ancient Aragonese.

Tower stands and the well from which Torre Del Pozzo takes its name. The combined action of the sea and the wind has shaped the rock into the form of a whale and erosion has created a vertical tunnel, the well. On stormy days, you can witness a fantastic natural spectacle, large waves rise from the vertical walls of the well and vent their energy upwards, water splashes out of the blowhole, and the whale comes to life.

Sanaphar - pineta


Spiaggia Is Arenas

Moving along the SS 292, in the direction of Oristano, we discover the other lands managed by Sanaphar: we are in the Sinis area and right in the countryside of Riola Sardo, a small village that in 2017 received the recognition of Città dell’Olio (City of olive oil), you can find the centuries-old olive trees from which we obtain our precious extra virgin olive oil.